Chicken or the Egg

Posted on Sunday, 19th May, 2013   |   Permalink

Here we be chumps.

Jumbly here, reporting from deep within the cabal of Blowfunkle. They say buying a chicken, having sex with it and then preceding to cook and devour the bird is a victimless crime. While I agree with the sentiment the point addresses, I don’t eat chicken any more on account of my pact with the avian overlord we ran into on a bad trip back in 2011.

The future looks bright for the band, the road calls but unfortunately for them they don’t speak it’s language (Danish) and so they remain in a state of writing and working out how to record their music for future generations to puzzle over. Live tracks for now it seems.

They have a few gigs in the diary, and are flattered by the support they have received so far. A modified cover of ‘Secret Agent Man‘ was brought up at the 0500 meeting today, with the suggestion of changing the lyrics to ‘Secret Asian Man’ in honour of the active and persistent bounty hunter who has been spotted at a couple of the shows. It lost the third round of voting by 42 votes, and so hope of hearing it any time soon looks dead in the water.

A shipment of T-shirts has allowed the band to sell some merchandise at gigs, and stay warm between shows. That idea was a win-win, which is more than can be said of the solar powered vibrator Robi keeps trying to get off the ground. With only 80% of the £150K investment he believes the product needs to break the markets being currently secured, the remaining funds are as illusive as the product testers.

Debbie is as far away as ever it would seem.



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