We are not dead. Despite not gigging in a while, or playing with this site much we have doubled our catalogue, and got better and better at recording and self producing. The plan is to recruit a new drummer and hit the gigging scene in a big way. Blowfunkle will return shortly…



Well, well…we’ve been busy. Laid down four and one half tracks which are being mixed and steadily improved all the time. We have a gig – tonight! See details here

We have another gig next week in Kilburn, the spiritual home of Hard Rock in North West London. We play that with some good friends ‘The Dirty Mojos’ and can’t wait to hit that up.

Following this we will be working hard on a single launch, so stay tuned for that.



Hello all. It’s a us, Blowfunkle. We have so much going on it hurts our little heads. We’ve put down a couple of really nice takes of some of our songs, and are scheming the best way of putting them out…more news on this to follow, but very exciting.
We played a great headline set last Friday in Hoston Square, and were fantastically supported by so many people, thanks to all who came!
We have a date next week, which is very close to where we rehearse, so is almost like a homecoming gig! See details here.
We leave you with a pic of the last show!
Blowfunkle headline a night at the Underbelly in Hoxton next Friday! Be great to see as many of you there as possible. Check out our gigs page for more dates. Details about next Freiday can be found HERE.
Thanks to everyone who came down to the Dublin Castle for a rocking night last Wednesday. We had a blast, and it looked like a few of you did!
We got to premier a new song of ours with strong country roots. It’s not quite there yet but we had a blast playing it for you, hope you enjoyed it!
Here’s a live snippet of the show:



A great gig yesterday!! Thanks for everyone who came down. The next one is on Wednesday next week at the Dublin Castle. We’re on early so don’t mess around!



First gig of the year tomorrow!! We can’t wait. Details can be found here.




Happy New Year from Blowfunkle! Have the dates of the 15th and 22nd of this Month for gigging, so safe the dates and await further details!




Thanks to everyone who came down to the gig last night. We had a blast. Here is the audio of one of the tunes:




Thanks to everyone who came down to support us on Tuesday, we had a great night, and we hope you did too! We’re playing next week in Hoxton Square so if you can make it we’d love to see you. All detailsin the gigs section!




Come see us in less than 2 weeks! Details here.



Hello everybody! Happy Birthdays to some of Blowfunkles members. They know who they are, and just how damn old they are getting.



Well our gig was cancelled, and due to illness we have been stalling somewhat recently. However, we have a raft of new songs, have studio time pencilled in and will be hitting you hard very soon. Expect great things…




Hello there to our legions of loyal fans.

The summmer is over, and we are writing and recording as you read this. The plan is to get a single launch organised very soon, in the mean time gigs are coming your way! Our first one has been announced on our gigs page, but if that’s too much effort for you here are the details:

16th October, Rattlesnake, Islington


Stay tuned.



Sup Daugs.

The summer is almost over, and the freshly rested chaps behind this project are about to spill their juices onto the streets of London and across the pixilated land of the internet…



Well now.

We are pressing through into our summer hiatus, recharging our cells and creative prowess for our autumnal onslaught.



Hello hello.

Just to keep all you kids in the loop. We have some videos and recordings in the pipeline, that we plan on drop kicking on all of ye very soon.

To keep you happy in the mean time here is a link to Debbie.



Greetings to all the old men and young scallywags who follow us around here. What a week it’s been. With a great gig at Rattlesnake on Wednesday, well attending and a great show for all.

Looking forward we have some days in the recording studio to come, followed by a drip drab of releases, or depending on how things go a lovely little EP for you all to enjoy. No expense will be spared.

In the mean time expect a couple more videos from us and maybe a press conference of two. The plan is to record and write over the next couple of months, before launching an onslaught of gigs the likes of which our rhythm section has never experienced.



Yo yo Blowfunkle peeps, how you are all well.

A massive thank you to everyone who came down last night, we had a blast – hope you enjoyed it too!

We’re excited to announce we have some studio time booked at the end of June. So expect some recorded tracks, or even an EP of sorts coming your way in the future.

We’ve put another free track up on our band camp, which can be accessed in the top right hand corner there along with the rest of our online presence on twitter, facebook, youtube etc. but if you can’t be bothered becking that out you could always click here.

Have a good one for now, and we’ll catch you at Rattlesnake Islington next week.



Look lively there, Blowfunkle are playing @ Surya @ Kings Cross on Wednesday night. Come down, let your hair get loose and take your clothes off with the band, we’d love to see you. All of you.



Hello all!

The band’s bandcamp site has launched, we’re hoping to get a few live tracks up there for free download as soon as we get round to it. Currently you can get a free download of a live take of our track ‘Sweet 17‘ which has been described by veteren guitarist Paul from vaious outfits including Skinwalker as being ‘…not bad…’. Incredible!

New songs continue to brew in the Blowfunkle melking pot of ideas, which is hotter than the centre of a compost heap. We’re talking huge compost heap here, perhaps on that comes past the nipples.

Here’s a teaser video of some clips from our gig @ The Comedy with Dead or Alive productions last week to enjoy:



Here’s the poster for our gig on the 29th!




Still super excited about the gig on Monday! Here’s a pic of some of the band from the show on Wednesday!

Who is this handsome devil?



Sup dawgs. We had a super night last night at the Comedy Pub, off Piccadilly circus hosted by Dead or Alive productions. Was great to see such good support, and we hope you guys enjoyed the set as much as we did.

We are geering up for supporting Mothership at the Bedford in Balham this coming Monday! That’s the 20th of May.

In the mean time we are getting stuff together to upload to so we have have a load of free downloads up there all your beauties.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next gig if you can make it, new songs to be unveiled…



Hello hello. Much going on in the land of Blowfunkle. Riding high on the buzz of lasts weeks gig we are super physced about playing The Comedy on Wednesday, presented by Dead or Alive productions. Should be a great night!

We are expecting a shipment of fine Blowfunkle linin to arrive, by designer Andrea Rizzo from Ricamificio Novarese. We hope to give some of this away at the gig, and sell them on our site in good time. Can’t wait.

We are getting some music uploaded soon for free download, so watch this space to get your music fix from the most happenning band so far discussed on this site.

Here is some footage of the gig from last week to have a peruse at, and give you some idea of what is meant by the Blowfunkle experience.

Laters kidz



Sup peeps! A fantastic gig was had by all last night at Cafe 1001 at the their Bring it on Night.  We played alongside the fantastic bands Lion Tribe and Milk Teeth.

Pics and such like to follow in due course. In the mean time we’re looking forward to seeing everybody @ The Comedy with the Dead or Alive night next week!!

In the mean time please enjoy the band saying hello to both of our fans from their rehersal space, where they are being kept under lock and key until they learn some new chords:



Gig at the Comedy with Dead or Alive productions facebook page loaded. Confirm your attendence and get details on facebook here!



Dear friends, lovers and comrades at arms…

Exciting things are happening in the world of Blowfunkle. We have an official gig next week at Piccadilly Circus! See gigs page for details, better details to follow shortly.

We have a stock of t-shirts on the way, designed by an up and coming Italien designer whose name escapes us at this time.

We are working hard on securing more gigs and building up our catalogue of songs. By the last count thre number of orginals stands at a staggering 8.

We are in EP country now chums. So watch out.